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EU Citizens living in the UK

A fun adventure for self-development but returning to Poland for a better quality of life

'I came to the UK to learn English, get some experience and try something new', said Maryla.

Maryla comes from a  small town near Warsaw. She came to the UK a couple of years ago with her husband and children. She has struggled to get her 'dream' job in the UK and works 'just to pay the bills'. 

'It's been hard to get the job I want. I don't want to flick through invoices all my life. I've made over 600 job applications, for basic posts as well as lecturer jobs, but the impression I have is that employers don't trust my qualifications in the same way that they trust British qualifications.'

So now Maryla has made the decision to return to Poland. She says it has been a difficult decision because her children are very happy in the UK, but it is a necessary decision; even with her and her husband in full time employment, they are not earning enough money to buy a property and settle down in the UK.


'We'll earn more in Poland and so we will have a better quality of life. I want good things for my family. I'm not interested in staying in the UK just because it's possible. We might even go and live in another country.'