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Applying for British citizenship to reinforce place in the UK and voicelessness of 'blended' migrants
I phoned my Mum and said "I have two jobs, but no house". In Spain it's the opposite. You have a lot of house but no job.
'The reason to come here [to the UK] wasn't benefits because in Spain I could have more benefits if I wanted.'
'When someone uses the welfare state, the State gains a citizen.'
How political relationships forged through EU integration have supported peace
Experiences of Lithuanian nationals living in Peterborough
On migrants and benefits: 'It's falling in love with a myth.'
On Romanian migrants, from a Romanian migrant
'Don’t be mad at the politicians, don’t look at yourselves, just blame these people.'
'There needs to be a common, federal pool of money that follows citizens that can be spent on what they need wherever they are living at the moment.’
Polish agricultural workers in Lincolnshire
'Migrants are not afraid about benefit cuts because everyone has work or can get work.'
Biographical experiences of Spanish labour migrants living in the UK and Germany
'If migrants are not coming to work very hard there will be no money for benefits'
'Nature never maximises efficiency because efficiency is too fragile and brittle. Resilience comes from diversity.'
Meeting clients at a Polish Advice Centre
'Why would I bother claiming benefits? It’s quicker for me to just get a job.'
Connecting with the Cambridge Polish community: meeting Dr Stanley Bill, Cambridge University, 22 January 2016
Interdisciplinary insights into the experiences of Polish nationals who migrate to the UK: meeting with Professor Anne White, UCL, 25 January 2016
Ambitious nurse from Poland seeks opportunity in the UK
Supply teachers forced to join umbrella companies
'We respect others, so why not respect us?’
A fun adventure for self-development but returning to Poland for a better quality of life
‘Solidarity in action. Employment rights and participation of Poles in social dialogue and trade unions in the UK’, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London, 26 November 2015