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EU Citizens living in the UK


New Blog article about Non-EU Family Members and EUSS. 

The transition period is coming to an end in December 2020, and EU nationals and their family members need to make an application to the UK’s EU Settled Status (EUSS) scheme before the end of the grace period in June 2021. Those family members can include non-EU nationals who, due to their family circumstances, might also be eligible to apply

If you are not an EU national, but you are, for example married to one (e.g. a Brazilian husband with a Polish wife), or you are the family member of an EU national living in the UK (child or parent for example), you can also make an application under the EUSS scheme to regularise your status in the UK.

This group is often referred to as ‘non-EU family members of EU nationals’ (NEFM) – a clunky label, but not an insignificant group.

However, new statistics released by the Home Office last week show a significantly high refusal rate for NEFM applying under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

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