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EU Citizens living in the UK


Academic articles and reports

The changing status of European Union nationals in the United Kingdom following Brexit: The lived experience of the European Union Settlement Scheme. Barnard, C, Fraser Butlin, S and Costello F (2021) Social & Legal 

Unravelling and reimagining the UK's relationship with the EU: public engagement about Brexit in the East of England, Catherine Barnard and Amy Ludlow, 22 May 2017

Free movement of services, migration and leaving the EU, Catherine Barnard and Amy Ludlow, National Institute Economic Review No. 236 May 2016

Enforcement of Employment Rights by EU-8 Migrant Workers in Employment Tribunals, Catherine Barnard and Amy Ludlow, Ind Law J October 31, 2015

Flash reports

Min wage

Dear young people: here's why you need to vote in the EU referendum, Catherine Barnard, The Conversation, 20 May 2016

The constitutional practicalities of leaving the EU, Catherine Barnard, The UK in a Changing Europe, 18 May 2016

What minimum wage? Why enforcement of EU migrants' employment rights matters, Catherine Barnard, Amy Ludlow and Sarah Fraser-Butlin, 11 May 2016

EU Referendum Position Paper: free movement of persons and the single market Immigration Law Practitioners' Association, Catherine Barnard, 10 May 2016

Honeypot Britain? Do EU nationals come to the UK for benefits? openDemocracy, Catherine Barnard and Amy Ludlow, 23 

March 2016

open dem blog

Explaining the EU deal: deporting EU immigrants - Full Fact, Catherine Barnard, 17 February 2016


Cameron's subsidiarity battle - UK in a Changing Europe, Catherine Barnard, 17 February 2016


Media stories


Brexit: people are angry but looking for compromise, research finds - Cambridge University Research News, 22 May 2017

People are angry and anxious over Brexit, Cambridge University research reveals - Cambridge News, 22 May 2017

Beyond the honeypot headlines - Research Horizons, University of Cambridge, Issue 30, June 2016

EU question time six to debate in Spalding - Spalding Guardian, 16 May 2016 

EU 'in or out' issue comes to Spalding - Spalding Guardian, 27 May 2016


What could Brexit mean for the UK's travel and tourism industry? - The Guardian, 11 May 2016

Would Brexit make it harder to hide EU workers? - The Guardian, 29 March 2016

Honeypot Britain? EU migrants’ benefits and the UK referendum - University of Cambridge, 25 February 2016

MSPs warned quitting EU would be a 'gargantuan exercise' - Herald Scotland, 17 December 2015


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